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What Else Happened? Buried Stats, Forgotten Kids, and Court Shenanigans

As you know Missouri is one of the most restrictive statesin the country, but I think specifically we passed a refer and followprivileges in 2005 and a TRAP law in 2007, similar to those struck down by theSupreme Court in Texas last year that really started closing those clinics, leavingus with the one currently standing here in St. Louis....

ACLU Files Suit Against St. Louis, Alleging Civil Rights Violations Against Protesters
The lawsuit was filed today in federal court on behalf of lead plaintiffs Maleeha Ahmad (who appears on the cover of this week's RFT and in the photo above after being hit with pepper spray downtown last Friday) and Alison Dreith, who was also pepper-sprayed at the downtown protest. Dreith is also executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.
"St. Louis should be a place where all people feel safe against retaliation from law enforcement, and all should receive due process," Dreith said in a statement. "We should strive to be a place where every citizen feels supported by the communities we call home. This is the vision that drives us into the streets and inspires us to hold our leaders accountable when they betray our values."   
Basic rights under attack by the justice system

Last Friday, I was maced by a St. Louis Metropolitan Police officer. Along with people of all backgrounds, we were in the streets protesting a court decision that undermined the right of communities to live free from the fear of bodily harm by law enforcement. Yet as I was still washing burning chemicals from my eyes, just one block away a different court was issuing another ruling undermining our right to bodily autonomy.

That court, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, moved to make it harder for women across Missouri to access basic reproductive healthcare by ordering a temporary stay on issuing licenses to abortion clinics across the state. By the time the day was over, one thing was painfully clear: The basic rights of Missourians were under attack from all sides by the very justice system designed to protect us....

Why all eyes are on Missouri

Our nation was delivered another sobering reminder in Charlottesville of the racism, hatred, and white supremacy that still exerts a powerful pull on many parts of our country. The chilling reality is that in the wake of this tragedy, President Trump’s failed leadership further emboldened those responsible for these unspeakable acts and divided our nation.

Here in Missouri, we are no strangers to this brand of hatred and violence. Our state leaders also often turn a willfully blind eye to the racism and discrimination that festers in our communities.....
Pro-life group contests Bubble Zone laws in Chicago

The Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, Alison Dreith, says after the Center for Medical Progress – who is supported by the Thomas More Society – released deliberately misleading videos, "harassment, threats, and attacks against abortion providers, their staff, and facilities have surged dramatically across the country.”

She contends that "the violence is intended to silence providers and drive them away from their jobs, but we will not let that happen. Nobody should face harassment or attacks for seeking or providing constitutionally protected healthcare.”

Greitens’ cheap political games cost our families

If you look up "political opportunist” in the dictionary, you may just find a picture of Gov. Eric Greitens.

Just six months into his first term, Greitens seems to have found limitless ways to let hardworking Missouri women and families down. In fact, while the challenges that Missouri families face keep mounting, Greitens seems more interested in hanging out with the Koch brothers, cozying up to the political elite and appeasing fringe parts of his base than in listening to the needs of his constituents.....

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