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Neil Gorsuch is not the independent voice Missouri needs

The Trump administration is off to a rough start. With his presidency in upheaval over weeks of scandals, national security crises, and unconstitutional power grabs, the question now is how we ensure that rigorous checks and balances are in place to rein in his most outrageous abuses.

A critical component of holding President Donald Trump accountable is an independent court system that can stand up to his rampant overreach. Most of all, this requires a Supreme Court that will defend our rights as Americans regardless of the political pressure coming from the White House. Unfortunately, Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court would not be the independent voice that Missourians need to stand up to Trump’s dangerous agenda....

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Abortion exhibit — that’s what Missouri Capitol museum needs, lawmaker says

Alison Dreith, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, said the bill is "disgusting” and anti-women.

"We should have a wing of the museum outside of Representative Moon’s office that shows the history of white male misogyny,” she said.

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Support women in their reproductive health decisions

St. Louis is leading the way to protect our families and stand up for our community. Unfortunately, Gov. Eric Greitens has chosen to play politics by ridiculing our local efforts to protect women from discrimination based on their personal health decisions.

Those efforts led the St. Louis Board of Aldermen to pass legislation called the Reproductive Health Non-discrimination Act, a move supported by the Post-Dispatch in the editorial "Family planning freedom" (Feb. 20).....

GOP-backed House bill would strike down St. Louis' 'abortion sanctuary city' law

Alison Dreith, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, released the following statement:

"Obviously, Rep. Christofanelli hasn't read Board Bill 203. If he had he would know that it doesn't create a 'sanctuary city' for abortion. What Board Bill 203 does do is protect people in the City of St. Louis from being discriminated against for their reproductive health care decisions and in pregnancy. It is ironic, however, on the day that the House debated Real ID, that a legislator who does not live in the City of St. Louis would file a bill to stop local control. Instead of being obsessed about further restricting abortion access, Republicans in the Missouri legislature should work on policy to protect pregnant women, like Board Bill 203 does, or fix our current ID situation, so that Missourians are able to board airplanes, visit military bases, and vote. HB 989 is just another sad attempt to control women, as we have previously seen in Rep. Christofanelli's 20-week abortion ban."
Abortion opponents hopeful with GOP in control of House, Senate, governorship

Despite Republican control, which began in 2017, there is still opposition to some of the legislation by abortion-rights groups that are active in Jefferson City, including the NARAL Pro-choice Missouri, which is rallying supporters.

Alison Dreith, executive director for NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, said that in recent years anti-abortion legislation introduced in Missouri has generally taken one of two paths: addition regulation on abortion providers that abortion-rights activists say makes it more difficult for them to operate in the state, and cutting off Medicaid funding to low-income women who might choose to use an abortion provider such as Planned Parenthood....

Sperm + egg = person, under proposal to change Missouri Constitution
Alison Dreith, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, worries that the bill could severely restrict, or even outlaw, access to contraceptives, in-vitro fertilization procedures and stem-cell research....

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In The Face Of More Missouri Abortion Restrictions, One Woman Tells Her Story

Alison Dreith, head of NARAL Missouri, an abortion rights advocacy group, says the biggest effect of the late-terms bans in most states is to create additional hardships for women who already are in difficult situations.

"These abortion bans are archaic and show a real lack of empathy for families that go through this pain,” Dreith says.


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