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Fate of new abortion limits unclear as Missouri senators return to Capitol

Alison Dreith, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, agreed.

"If this bill goes into effect,” she said, "there is a real risk of Missouri continuing to have only one abortion clinic.”

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Abortion, social issues among hot topics in 50th race

Two doctors are named on the application to provide abortions in Columbia. One lives in Overland Park, Kan., and the other lives in St. Louis. Under current law, they would only have to visit Columbia to provide the abortion service. By changing the counseling requirement, abortion opponents are trying to inconvenience physicians, not protect women, said Alison Dreith, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

"They are mandating that the actual service provider has to also give the consent information 72 hours before procedure because they are trying to stop doctors from traveling,” Dreith said.

Robbing taxpayers

With no end in sight, the Missouri Legislature is about to enter its seventh week of emergency session.

But just what has been accomplished after so much time and effort?

Gov. Eric Greitens claims to have called the session to safeguard women’s health. But let’s be clear: This session has nothing to do with women’s health.

Instead, Greitens is using this special session as an excuse to elevate his own political profile at the expense of the rights and well-being of more than one million women across our state. Greitens and his Republican allies have made it clear that their top priority is to shame and punish women for their personal health care decisions and robbing taxpayers blind to a tune of $150,000 to do it.....

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and Reproaction expose fake clinics, protest against Birthright

CPCs are anti-abortion facilities that give medically inaccurate information to women and families seeking out reproductive health care. Both NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and Reproaction have been leading efforts across Missouri to bring to light the dangers of anti-abortion fake clinics.

"Enough is enough. We are tired of our tax-payer dollars being used to lie to and shame women for making their own personal, private reproductive health decisions,” said Kirstin Palovick, Organizing and Policy Associate of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

'My last resort' — thousands come to Illinois to have abortions

The young Missouri woman didn't know how she could travel twice, and she also didn't want to miss any days of work. Online, she found the nonprofit NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and was advised to go to Illinois, which has no waiting period.

Alison Dreith, the organization's executive director and a St. Louis resident, said she often refers women to Illinois, where she had her own abortion in May 2016.

"Because I know what our laws are," Dreith said. "It's devastating, especially for low-income women or women who don't live in the area. That's extra time off work where they're not getting paid. … It's an undue burden."

Reproductive Nondiscrimination Ordinance protects women

Governor Eric Greitens announced over a month ago a special session targeting the NARAL-backed Reproductive Nondiscrimination Ordinance passed in the City of St. Louis and the protections it provides to women and families in making their reproductive health decisions.

Since the passage of this bill in February, anti-choice legislators have continued their ill-informed assault on the ordinance, attempting to pass bills in Jefferson City that target Missouri women and families instead of further protecting them from discrimination. On July 10, The Missouri Times published a piece by Representative Hannah Kelly in which she further articulates the many misconceptions about the St. Louis ordinance.....


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