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Pro-Choice Missourians:

We are at a time in our state and in our country in which we can no longer sit back and assume that our reproductive rights are guaranteed.

Every day reproductive rights and choice are under attack at the state and national level by anti-choice lawmakers. Here in Missouri, anti-choice hardliners file dangerous, anti-woman, anti-contraception, anti-family legislation every year. At the national level, our administration is doing its best to assure that the government, not women, is in the position to make decisions regarding women's health care.

The good news is that this is not a hopeless situation. The majority of Americans are pro-choice. And we believe that women, in consultation with their doctors, their families, and their beliefs should have the absolute right to make decisions regarding their health, their bodies, and their lives.

Now is the time for all pro-choice Americans to unite to defend reproductive freedom. You, as a pro-choice Missourian, can join our effort today! You can take a stand to protect your rights and the rights of others. Together we can stop the anti-choice attack on reproductive rights!

Please plan on attending a pro-choice community event in your area, become a volunteer for NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, sign up to receive our email alerts, become a member of a Choice Action Team, or take action on a choice related issue.

By organizing in our communities, our state, and our country we will stop the anti-choice attack on reproductive rights.

Visit our Things You Can Do page to find a list of specific actions you can take to make a difference in your state and community!

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