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Things You Can Do


Ralph leading the NARAL supporters
at the Webster Groves July 4th Parade.
(1) VOLUNTEER! The first line of defense for the reproductive rights of Missouri’s women is the election of pro-choice candidates. NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri relies on volunteers to ensure that women’s health is a priority in the state legislature. It is up to us to defend the reproductive rights and health of Missouri’s women. We need volunteers to serve in a variety of ways, including:

  • phonebanking
  • stuffing envelopes
  • hosting in-home gatherings

First time volunteer? This is a great opportunity to stand up for choice and make a difference in your community. If you have always wanted to take action, this election season is the time to do it! Missouri women need your help.

(2) Stay informed about NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri's educational and legislative work by signing up for our email alerts. (Your email address will be used only by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and NARAL Pro-Choice America to keep you informed on your right to choose--we will not sell or lend your email to any other entity.)

(3) Check the voting records of your state and Congressional representatives on key legislative issues. And make your pro-choice voice heard with your elected officials! Feel free to call the office for help with this.

(4) Become a sustaining donor. We can't do our work without your generous contributions.

Supporters marching at the
Webster Groves July 4th Parade.
(5) Become a clinic escort. Provide emotional and physical security to patients at local abortion clinics. Escort women past protesters to the clinic door. A training will be scheduled soon.

(6) Join one of our Boards! Joining ourBoard of Directorsis an opportunity to be engaged in very meaningful work and to assist NARAL with achieving our mission to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children and choosing legal abortion. Members are closely involved in our efforts and serve as stewards in the community.

NARAL is committed to a Board that represents Missouri's gender, racial, cultural, geographic, and ethnic diversity.

The current Board serves as our nominating committee and identifies, screens, and nominates individuals, and the current Board then elects its members from among those nominated.

(7) Join NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri in the fight to protect choice in Jefferson City. As the political arm of the pro-choice movement in Missouri, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri plans on fighting anti-choice bills with everything we've got. We will also introduce pro-active legislation that will protect the health and rights of the women of Missouri. We are committed to protecting choice through legislation, but we need your help.

(8) Team up with pro-choice constituents in your community to form a Choice Action Team to educate, organize and mobilize other pro-choice Missourians about their rights and the increasing restrictions being placed on those rights. Now, more than ever, people who value privacy and our right to choose must get active and get involved. Work within your own community—with assistance from the NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Community Organizer—to make happen the change you’d like to see. Some Choice Action Teams are now forming in St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City/Columbia, and Springfield.

(9) Is there an event in your community where you would like to see NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri represented? NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri is a statewide organization, and we would love to educate and mobilize your community around the issue of reproductive choice. If your area has any type of festival, parade, or any other event that you feel would be appropriate, just let us know.

Call or email NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri for more information about all of these opportunities! 314.531.8616

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