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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

What Are Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are fake "providers" that lure women into their facilities under the false idea that they will provide the accurate and medically relevant information for a woman to make a fully informed choice about a variety of reproductive health issues. Instead, these anti-choice facilities give women sensationalized propaganda that leave out important information on abortion and contraceptives.

CPCs often use fear tactics to intimidate pregnant women into choosing anything but abortion. The facilities are not staffed by licensed professionals, they are staffed by anti-choice activists. In Missouri, CPCs receive funding from state government.

 You can read more about Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Missouri from our groundbreaking 2012 report HERE.

Funding for CPCs

Missouri's current state budget provides over $6.5 million total in funding and support for fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which lie, shame, and intentionally mislead women about their health options. Over $4 million of that comes from TANF, a federal block grant that could also be used to help feed hungry children; an additional $2,158,561 is direct funds from the state, funding both CPC services and an anti-choice "awareness program." The state legislature has also allocated funds from the sale of anti-choice license plates to alternatives to abortion services.

Nationwide, CPCs far outnumber abortion providers. While there are over 3,000 CPCs across the country (up from 2,000 in the early 1990s), there are only approximately 2,000 abortion providers.

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